About Us

We're a group of guys who have a genuine love for the outdoors and want to see it protected for future generations. We all grew a love for the outdoors in different ways, but we all share the common belief that nature provides a positive outlet for all of us.

We hope Go All Outdoors helps you in some way. Whether that's learning about the outdoors for yourself or your kids, and whether you're brand new to the outdoors or a seasoned pro.


Duncan grew up outdoors and has been camping and hiking for more than 20 years, covering three continents and 20 states. His love for the outdoors was formed at an early age; he grew up learning outdoor traditions from his dad in the woods of their Michigan backyard. Since then, Duncan has spent much of his time in the western part of the US. Duncan’s favorite outdoor destinations are Sedona, Arizona; Skye, Scotland and Manistee National Forest in his home state of Michigan. His goal is to hike all seven continents and 50 states in his lifetime.

Favorite outdoor activities: hiking, backpacking, camping


Matt was born in Germany, but moved to the United States at a young age. His parents believed that the outdoors was the only entertainment children needed, so Matt’s childhood wasn’t spent at Disneyland. Instead Matt grew up camping in the northern peninsula of Michigan or taking return trips to Germany to hike the Pfalz or Black Forest. Matt has built a number of cross country mountain bikes and some other road/mountain hybrids. He completed a 20-mile backpacking trip in northern Ontario at the age of 13, a trip he says made him the outdoorsman he is today.

Favorite outdoor activities: mountain biking, backpacking, and fishing


Aaron made the transition from city slicker to outdoorsman about 12 years ago and has taught himself most of the outdoor skills and traditions he cherishes today. As the son to a military dad, his family moved a lot, including throughout Europe. Aaron’s love for the outdoors was firmly established when he first went sailing. Since then, he has spent his summers sailing regattas and picking up new outdoor hobbies. Aaron picked up rock climbing in 2012 and fell in love with fly fishing four years ago. His latest interest is kayak angling, an activity he started just last summer.

Favorite outdoor activities: sailing, fly fishing, kayaking