Body Glove Performer 11' Inflatable SUP Review

Ryan the authorResearch by Matt
Updated: August 2, 2019

Quick Summary

The Performer 11 is the leading inflatable standup paddleboard model from Body Glove. For years I have been hesitant about inflatable SUPs. Early models have been wobbly and low quality. It wasn't uncommon for people to find leaks after a single use. As I was walking through Costco, I saw this model and thought I would do some research. After reading many glowing reviews, I decided to try it out for myself.

Overall we do highly recommend this board for family use. We found it worked best on still water, but the sharp nose and relatively low profile allow it to be used in choppier waters. The design is very well thought out, the quality is high, and depending on where you go, you can get a very good deal. We are so happy with ours that we will be buying another for the rest of the family.



Inflating the board is straightforward. The body glove team did a really good job on the engineering here. There are two settings for the pump. The first setting is a two-way valve that inflates when pushing and pulling which doubles the speed of inflation. Once the board is firm, you switch to the second setting which is a one-way valve. This is where you take the board from somewhat firm to a solid 15 PSI.

There are some claims that the board inflates in as few as 5 minutes. We tested this out with a few people and found it inflates in 8 to 15 minutes for most active people. Either way, we were very impressed with the quality and design of the inflation components.


Portability and Weight

The board and all of the parts are surprisingly mobile in the provided backpack. Full weight with all of the parts in the backpack is 39 lbs.

When fully inflated, the board and paddle can be handled easily. The total weight is 24 lbs (10.9 kg) even though it is 11 ft (335 cm) long and 34 in (86 cm) wide. A big reason for this is the well-placed carrying handle. The design includes a velcro holster in the handle that can strap in the paddle or a water bottle.



Tracking and Stability

The overall quality of the board and the accessories is very high. We put it through the ringer with our extended family for a full week on the lake and it held up very well.

The Performer 11 has thickly reinforced nose that is rubberized. This is critical with the natural bumping into docks, rocks and other obstacles. The heavy-duty poly-vinyl fabric and triple-layer stringer also do a tremendous job reinforcing the board. The zipper on the backpack is heavy duty and the fins come with protective inflatable sleeves that can be wrapped around them when not in use to avoid bending or breaking.

One of the kids even dropped the board off of our boat onto some sharp rocks and the only damage we found can be seen below on the foot padding. We are very happy with the durability!


Additional Features

We were pleasantly surprised by the features and accessories included with the Performer 11. There are six lash points at the front that had included webbing where we stowed our fishing rods.

The carrying handle was very unique and it includes a few hidden surprises. It features a heavy-duty Velcro holster that is built to hold a water bottle, paddle or any other similar object.


  • Adjustable aluminum 3pc. standup paddle (68-88 in)
  • High-pressure hand pump w/ gauge
  • Triple layer stringer for rigidity
  • Heavy duty backpack
  • Dry pouch (that fit our phone and case)
  • Coil leash
  • Repair kit

Deflation and Packing

We were pleasantly surprised at how effortless it was to deflate and roll up the board. One strong press on the deflation button and the air starts aggressively escaping. We strongly recommend letting the board dry out completely before rolling it up.

To begin packing, you roll the board up from the nose to the back of the board. Place the protective sleeves on to ensure that the fins don't bend in storage. You should find that the board and all of the accessories should fit into the bag effortlessly.



After putting this board through the ringer with the whole family, we highly recommend it. The Performer 11 is perfect for still water and can be pushed into choppier water without too much of an issue. We can't think of a better SUP for basic use around the lakehouse or to take to the beach. It is a very versatile SUP for the money that is suitable for any beginner. Do your research as the prices can vary widely between online retailers and larger stores like Costco.