Best Standup Paddleboards Under $1,000

Ryan the authorResearch by Matt
Updated: August 2, 2019

Choosing a standup paddleboard is exciting but can seem daunting at times. There are many different types, designs, and price points. Stand up paddle boards can be used for anything from fishing, to yoga and even surfing. If you’re unsure about what type of paddle board you need, read our guide to choosing the right paddleboard.

In this best-of, we’ve done the work of researching the standup paddleboard market considering the vast options, features, price points to make your search easier and quicker. We’ve chosen the following boards based primarily on value for your money. Paddleboards can be excessively expensive and if you’re just starting out we recommend shopping around for deals and spending less than $1,000 on your board. There are a lot of great options in this price range that offer amazing value and fun.


Bounce Multi-Purpose SUP


The California made Bounce makes our list for its durability and versatility. Durability is important if you are frequently transporting your board or sharing it with others. It’s during transport that most damage occurs, not on the water. Many rigid foam boards don’t offer much impact resistance but the Bounce SUP stands up to a lot of abuse. Its design is ideal for flat calm water like other recreational board designs but can be used for a variety of activities like fishing or yoga. The board is fitted with ConnexSUP plugs and make it easy to install attachments for a GoPro, phone or even a cup holder. The Bounce is a great all around board that can be found just under the $1,000 mark.


Atoll Inflatable


The Atoll Inflatable Paddleboard delivers great value and portability. Inflatable paddleboards like the Atoll are gaining more popularity due to improved designs and materials that offer more rigidity and puncture resistance over boards of the past. Contrary to popular belief a quality inflatable paddleboard can last just as long if not longer than a similarly priced foam board. At only $600 the Atoll offers tremendous functionality, durability and the convenience of being able to transport it without a roof rack, trailer or truck.


Bic Sport Ace-Tec


Did you know Bic makes paddleboards and even surfboards? Bic Sport is a sister company to the Bic that makes razors, pens and other office supplies. The Ace-Tec is a great paddleboard for beginners. It has a very broad design being relatively wide at the bow and stern. This aids in stability and allows beginners to build confidence while learning. Normally boards with stability do not track straight or gain much speed but the Bic Sport has an innovate v-shaped hull at the nose, similar to some touring paddleboards, that will ensure straight tracking and speed. At $800 the Ace-Tec is an excellent choice for beginners who intend to use their paddleboards frequently.


California Board Company Angler


Stand up paddleboarding can offer a new and exciting way to fish. While nearly any paddleboard can be outfitted for fishing, the California Board Company’s Angler comes out of the box with critical features that can get you on the water without any do-it-yourself projects. We also liked this board because of its excellent stability and tracking. Fishing on the open water may require you travel long distances through trial and error of different spots and we found this board to be very light compared to other fishing focused boards. Having a light and trackable board that doesn’t tire you out is key. We find that many angler specific boards are overly complex, heavy and have features that you may not need. The California Board Company’s Angler SUP delivers excellent value at $850 and nails the key features for a fisherman or recreational user alike.


ScreneLife Inflatable SUP


SereneLife’s Inflatable SUP makes our list for its incredible value. Before today’s inflatable boards’ consumers had to spend big money to get into paddleboarding. SereneLife’s board at only $350 is one of the best value for money boards we’ve seen. While on the shorter end in length among other paddleboards at 10” it can still support a paddler that is 275 pounds; this is still more than many similarly sized foam boards. It also offers great stability with it’s squared off shape and thick edges. Many Inflatable boards come as a kit with essential equipment and the Serenelife is no different. However, it also includes a leash and repair kit. Overall, If you’re looking to get into paddleboarding on a budget the Serenelife inflatable SUP is a popular and value-focused option.